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11 May
Six and a half years ago I came to New York City with a dream. Actually, I came to Brooklyn with a dream, hoping that maybe I'd be able to use that dream somewhere in the New York City metro region.


My dream was... to design some shit, yo. Like, fly shit. That fly shit first turned out to be graphics and webpages, and then when I discovered that the fly shit didn't need to be 2-dimensional and could actually be things that people use and hold and wear and ride in, I said, "Yoooo! That's some fly shit!" And I decided to learn how to design that fly shit.

So I somehow convinced my professors that I wasn't a total moron and won a couple of awards and then I graduated.

And then I started designing some fly sneakers and shit, but that job kinda blew because the people I worked with were lame. Then I moved onto designing some really fly bags.. handbags and cosmetic bags, yo. Hot shit!

But then I got plucked from the unknown and thrust into the spotlight that is... Ann... Taylor... LOFT. And that's where I am now, continuing to design fly shit and kinda freaking out when I see people on the street wearing my shoes or carrying my bag.

Yo, that is some fly shit. Seriously.