amanda (swingfeline) wrote,

Farewell to another shelter mag

I've come to the conclusion that I have a special knack for making magazines go under right after I've ordered a subscription. It's happened twice now, first with the beloved and short-lived Blueprint (a Martha Stewart mag for the young and hip, with recipes, fashion and home decorating including DIY ideas) a few years ago. I never received a refund, by the way, but the calling all over the place to chase down $12 isn't my idea of fun.

Now Domino has folded. Domino was one of those magazines I would consistently pick up at the newsstand when traveling. I got a 50% off offer on magazine subscriptions through Amazon and decided to sign up for Domino. I found out today that it's folding. I'm convinced it's me.

Or it could just be this economy. Either way, it kind of sucks.

In other news, I'm going upstate this weekend to see my dad and stepmom, my stepmom who is laid up with a broken bone in her knee. I'm looking forward to going up and spending some time with them.

Posted by ShoZu

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