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Ah, there's nothing like Christmas with the fam.

Darren and I flew out to Nantucket on Tuesday morning (a fortuitous flight schedule since NOTHING had gone between the mainland and the island for four days before that) for Christmas with my mom, her husband Jim, and my brother Seth. These visits always have their issues and each causes a bit of angst for me, but this one was particularly fraught with problems and I couldn't wait to get home.

Our 7AM flight on Tuesday morning meant that we had to get up at 4AM to get to the airport. No small feat considering we were up packing and organizing until midnight the night before. Starting out on the trip, I was overtired, which may or may not have been what caused me to catch a terrible cold my first day there (I could have also caught it from Darren, who had it the week before). Therefore, I spent the next three days trapped in the house with my husband, my brother, my passive-aggressive mom and her nearly constantly grumpy husband. The bickering was UNBEARABLE and ridiculous.

I have to realize that my mom has reached a point where she's supposedly happy with her life, and apparently this is the guy who's going to be her companion for the rest of her life. I don't dislike him; he has many, many amazing qualities. He really supports my mom in everything she does and he's always pitching in a helping hand for anyone who needs it. In that way he's really generous and kind. But he's also a recovering alcoholic who doesn't go to AA, and a control freak who constantly picks on my mom, gets annoyed with nearly everything and everyone, and hardly wants to participate in anything. The fact that this is his FOURTH marriage might be a clue to how good he is at relationships.

I think he may have been missing his own kids this time around at Christmas, and was annoyed at having us there. I understand missing your own family, but that's no reason to take it out on us, or my mom. At one point my mom lit an oil lamp that was on a table in the dining room and she accidentally dropped the glass hurricane shade and it chipped. The way he pitched a fit about it and yelled at her, I thought it was a valuable family heirloom until she yelled back at him that they bought it for $2 at a yard sale. I mean, Jesus H.

I don't release my mom from complete fault in their dysfunctional relationship since I think she eggs him on, but he really needs to chill the f out. Overall, we had a good time there and had fun exchanging gifts and ate some great meals, but I've had quite enough of the two of them together for some time. She's coming to NYC in two weeks for Seth's showing at the Outsider Art Fair and I'm hoping he decides to stay home.

We arrived back at JFK last night. Darren unpacked and repacked his suitcase, slept for six hours, and left for JFK again this morning to head out to LA for a visit with his brother. I'm "working" for two days and joining him there on Wednesday and we come back to NYC in 2009, on Sunday the 4th.

Here's hoping 2009 holds better things than 2008 did, because it was a suuuuucky year.
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