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I can feel it, fall is coming on...

I've been lazy about updating, or maybe just not around enough. So, in the interest of time, since I last updated, here is What Sucked, and What Didn't Suck. I'll start with the good...

What Didn't Suck:

We went to the Jersey Shore for Labor Day weekend and had a fabulous time with our friends Ben and Liz, and Jason and Lisa, and their two little ones (two years old and a week apart). I learned quite a bit about dealing with toddlers, namely that if they want to run around and get all their energy out you should by all means let them do that, otherwise they will become McCrankypants which is absolutely no fun. We got a last few days on the beach in the waning of summer, had a bbq at Ben's dad's place with all of the cousins (10 of them, all under the age of nine) and one day took Ben's dad's sailboat out on the bay to sail to the Dutchman for beers after which I can accurately call myself a drunken sailor. Awesome

Work continues to be alternately great and frustrating (more on that later). One of the concepts I designed for fall includes six shoes that came out really beautiful and I have been informed that it will now be one of the "big stories" for fall. Which means window displays, ad campaigns, etc. Pretty exciting. People continue to be blown away by my shoes which continues to shock the hell out of me.

I went to a fabulous yoga class yesterday at Yoga People's new location on Montague St. in Bklyn Heights. It's been a long time since I took a non-gym yoga class and I really would like to explore transitioning away from the gym and into a yoga studio. Laughing Lotus is one block from my office and I love the classes I've taken there, but unless I can change my work schedule to get in earlier and out earlier, that may not be a possibility. We'll see.

What Sucked

I spent most of my day yesterday with the in-laws which I think is explanation enough.

And our travel budget at work has been cut dramatically for the second quarter, and I was informed on Friday that my three-week Paris-Brussels-London-Hong Kong-China trip from late Sept through mid Oct has been cut. Or at least, I've been cut from it and been asked to go to LA for inspiration shopping instead. This would totally NOT suck if I hadn't tied our Hawaii vacation to it, stopping in Kauai and Maui on the way back from China, with Darren meeting me there so we can spend a week celebrating our first wedding anniversary. I am waiting to find out on Monday if there's a possibility I might still be able to go (the airfare is just a little over what it needs to be to sneak in under the radar), so I have my fingers crossed. What REALLY sucks about this is that Darren and I spent several hours on the phone with Delta on Wednesday and Thursday trying to get him a ticket using our combined miles, and getting him in business class on the same flight as me on the way back. Now it's going to cost us $100 to change anything, and I'm going to have to pay for my whole ticket whereas I was only paying the difference before. Oy.

All in all, though, I'd say the second half of 2008 isn't too bad so far. Yesterday walking back from yoga in the rain I saw the first orange leaves falling from the sycamores in Cadman Plaza Park, and I love autumn. Before we know it, it will be 2009.
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