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Vacation, now in stereo!

We have been suffering for far too long with a subpar stereo system. For example... the volume rocker button on the receiver is broken, so you have to use the remote to adjust the volume but the battery cover is missing, so you have to kind of hold the batteries into the remote with one hand and pray that the receiver actually gets a signal from the remote. And then there was the birthday party that was supposed to be a dance party and we couldn't get the system loud enough to even be heard above the din of 30 people talking. It's clearly time for a new system.

So we went shopping last night and bought new speakers from Vienna Acoustics with absolutely BEAUTIFUL sound. We also ordered an Onkyo A/V digital receiver with the capability for 7.1 surround (we're sticking with the two tower speakers in the front for now, as they really fill up the room on their own), and an iPod dock that has an onscreen menu navigation (through the TV), as well as the Logitech Harmony One remote which will replace all of our individual remotes and has touchscreen navigation. I am PSYCHED. Instead of turning on the TV at night just for noise and not even watching it, we can now actually listen to music! Woohoo!

We leave for North Carolina Friday morning and are there for a week with the fam. Should be fun and relaxing as these vacations always are. From there next Friday we go straight to Nantucket for my mom's gallery opening and stay till the following Tuesday. That's always a little less relaxing, but still a vacation.

I've been on a search for jewelry lately and was prepared to spend for a few beautiful necklaces from Alexis Bittar or Ten Thousand Things or one of those, but I took a look on Etsy today and found some beautiful pieces. So I bought three necklaces from small independent designers and found it a really great experience. Etsy is a brilliant website, seriously.

I'll be on the beach in NC in less than two days! Awesome.
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