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The Stomach Flu DIet

So, I got a little virus or something on Wednesday that had me up all night puking my guts out until I was completely devoid of the presence of any food or liquid. So that was fun. I stayed home from work Thursday and was still unable to keep anything down (including liquid) until that afternoon. As a result was hardly able to get up from the couch and spent most of my day in and out of a delirious sleep. Even typing on my Blackberry was a feat fit for the gods. Friday was more of the same. I didn't start to truly feel better until sometime Saturday afternoon and only today did I start to eat normal food.

In the category of Unexpectedly Positive Outcomes of said illness, however, I did in fact lose 5 lbs, and have kept it off ever since! Amazing!

So basically, nothing new to report here except that I didn't leave my house for two days, missed a planned Friday night dinner with friends and watched more television than any human should watch over the course of 48 hours. At least I rearranged my closet and dresser this afternoon and put aside four huge bags of clothes for donation. To make room, I suppose, for new fall clothes! Yay!

And speaking of Fall, I got my work travel schedule at least partially firmed up. I'll be going to Paris for Premiere Vision (a fabric show) at the end of September, staying through the weekend to shop, and I get a week in between Paris and China to go wherever I want in Europe to shop for inspiration. Not fucking bad. I think I'm going to go to London and perhaps Copenhagen. Then off to China for almost a week for Fall corrections, and back to the States for a few days before a yet-to-be-planned scuba trip and vacation to Hawaii with Darren for our anniversary.

I'm looking forward to our upcoming trip to North Carolina and Nantucket in a few weeks. We decided to string them together because it was just too hard to find the time to get away otherwise.
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