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The 95-Degree Baby Shower

I realize that for many years, humankind lived without air conditioning. Hell, even I lived without air conditioning for my first few years out of college. My first few hot, sticky, unbearable summers baking in a tiny apartment in Windsor Terrace. Now that I have A/C, I may never be able to live without it, at least in the humid summers of the Northeast.

So yes, I realize that some choose to live without air conditioning, and that's totally fine. But for the love of god, if you're going to host a baby shower on a Sunday afternoon in July, and invite 20-some-odd people, don't you think you should give a passing thought to the fact that they might be MISERABLE sitting in your cramped apartment for two to three hours if all you have is a few window fans?

That's how I spent my afternoon. I mean, it was lovely to see the expectant parents and some others of our friends, but all in all it was pretty miserable, especially considering that there were several pregnant women present as well as a child or two.

Still, we got home at a reasonable hour and cooled off. And the rest of the weekend was nice: Friday night, just a quiet one at home after I stumbled home from a work happy hour around 8PM (it started at 4...). Saturday: breakfast, then yoga, then a haircut, then met Darren to see The Dark Knight, then dinner, then a nice stroll downtown from Union Sq to catch the train at W4th St. This morning I baked the pie for the baby shower (fresh blueberry, raspberry and blackberry... yum!) and we ran out to brunch across the street before heading over to the sweatbox for the shower (really, the name of this event was fitting this time: we were all showered in sweat).

Last week at work was nuts, but I got all of my China projects passed off to my product developer on Friday. This week I meet with the technician who's here from Brazil to pass off my projects to him. Vacation to North Carolina in a few weeks.. yay!
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