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Meditations on the weekend

Darren is out in LA staying with his brother in the hospital while he recovers from his stomach surgery. We found out on Friday night that the tumor is benign (phew!), but Scott is having some complications from the surgery and will have to stay in the hospital until probably Tuesday. It's really great that Darren is out there and can be there for him, especially since their other brother David hasn't even called to see how Scott is doing. Fantastic. His family never ceases to amaze me.

I made the most of having some time to myself this weekend and actually created a nice balance of social time and alone time. It was the perfect NYC summer weekend, actually. Friday I took a much-needed day off and headed to Rockaway Beach with my friend Rachel from high school, who lives right here in the city and who I never take the time to see. We were both thankful to have some time together to catch up and she is someone who I would love to embrace into my circle even more as we share a love of yoga. She's working on getting her 200-hour yoga teacher certification and had some great suggestions on studios to check out if I want to get deeper into practicing (and I do, once the knee heals fully). It was a lovely day and I spent Friday evening resting and relaxing after being out in the sun all day.

Saturday I woke up late and grabbed my bagel-and-egg sandwich to go sit in the park. I went to yoga in the afternoon and stopped by the Union Sq farmer's market on my way home to grab some fresh ingredients for dinner. I got some amazing sweet corn, scallions, fresh onions (with the greens still attached), lettuce, and some bread from my favorite bakery (which is actually from my hometown). With it I made sweet corn soup with a garnish of sour cream and chipotle chilis, and bell peppers stuffed with corn, tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese. It was all delicious and I had some friends over to share it with me. We ended up drinking wine (and spilling some) and playing Wii till the.. well, wii hours of the morning. Fun.

Today I self-indulged and spent the day on a blanket in the park with the Saturday and Sunday papers. Heaven. I took a little walk afterwards down to the temporary Brooklyn Bridge Park (a sampling of what's to come once it actually gets built) and saw the big waterfalls up close for the first time. Tonight I made some dinner and finished up a knitting project before folding all the laundry and plunking down here in bed.

And I should really sign off and go to sleep, as we have sales meetings at work this week.... which means nonstop crazy made slightly better by free catered meals all week and an open-bar office cocktail party Monday night. This job really isn't so bad.
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