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I frequently clutch hardened pitas!
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Date:2009-11-08 22:28

Originally uploaded by swingfeline.
Project 365, Day 1!

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Date:2009-04-27 11:28
Subject:What a week.

It's been a bit of a rollercoaster since getting back from Costa Rica. First I found out that my brother was not doing well at all, and was in fact suicidal. I found this out early last week and was really emotional for two days.

Then Weds my boss got fired. We now have two "creative consultants" looking at and ripping apart our spring 2010 line, which we all thought looked amazing before they got their hands on it. The consultants are not actually working together; they're here on opposite days of the week and they have completely different taste. In the meantime, we (the designers) are twiddling our thumbs waiting for someone to tell us what the hell is going on. It's a fucking disaster.

So Saturday my brother went into the Behavioral Health Unit of the hospital and hopefully they will be able to adjust his medication so that he can feel better again. All of this together royally sucks, and apparently this app won't let me write much more than this so I have to sign off...

Posted by ShoZu

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Date:2009-03-14 07:47
Subject:I can breathe for the first time in two weeks...
Mood: accomplished

It has been a very busy trip. I'm now in Hong Kong after spending all week, literally, at the Hyatt Dongguan. Meaning, we didn't leave the hotel for five days (though I think I did step outside on my balcony to make a phone call one night). It's an unhealthy way to spend a week, but it WAS productive.

My days went a little like this: Wake up at 7, check Blackberry for emails from New York, go to the gym, get ready, meet everyone for breakfast at 8:30, work and meet and work and sketch in the hotel conference room until we get hungry for lunch around 1, back to work for the afternoon, work until we can't see straight (usually around 7PM), go to the bar for a martini or two, dinner around 8, get back to my room at 10, answer emails and fall into bed exhausted at 11 or 11:30, wake up and do it all again.

It's been a blessing to spend the weekend in Hong Kong if for nothing else but the change in scenery and food. The Hyatt has excellent restaurants, but limited choices. Not to mention extremely annoying waitstaff that insist on whipping your plate out from under your face the minute you finish something (sometimes with fork still in the air). I lost it one morning and snapped at a waitress for taking away a perfectly good plate of egg yolks that I was still sopping up with my toast. I am aching to cook something myself after two weeks of picking things off menus or from buffet lines, but putting my bread in the rotating toaster in the morning is the closest I come to homemade food sadly. One more week....

On a good note, I've been enjoying my time in Hong Kong. Last weekend was a little more lively when everyone was here, but some of my closer coworkers had to stay in China this weekend either to work or for visa reasons. Last weekend Nancy took me out to the expat area of HK after dinner and we went to some clubs with her cousin and danced our asses off until 2 in the morning. This weekend is a little quieter as I'm here with the handbag designers and their product developer and everyone is kind of off doing their own thing.

I had a day by myself today which was quite lovely actually... I took the sunny day as an opportunity to take touristy photos in the morning, then I took the subway over to the HK island side, shopped a bit at a mall over there, came back in a taxi snapping pictures the whole way, then went up to the rooftop pool and hung out for an hour in the sun reading a magazine before coming back to my room and ordering a late lunch via room service. Tonight I took a nice bath and now I'm just waiting for my coworker to call me for dinner. It's been nice to watch some American TV (namely Idol and some terrible movies) and just chill out.

Tomorrow we're going to see the Big Buddha (the largest bronze seated Buddha statue in the world) which is up on a mountain near the city, then we hike up to a monastery for a vegetarian lunch. It's supposed to be a lovely sunny day again, so hopefully I'll be able to get some more photos. Back to China tomorrow night and a week of factory visits before we come back to Hong Kong Thursday night and fly out Friday night. I'm missing Darren and the kitties of course, but it has been an extremely productive and rewarding trip and a good chance to bond with my coworkers. I'm glad I came.

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Date:2009-02-05 09:29
Subject:Farewell to another shelter mag

I've come to the conclusion that I have a special knack for making magazines go under right after I've ordered a subscription. It's happened twice now, first with the beloved and short-lived Blueprint (a Martha Stewart mag for the young and hip, with recipes, fashion and home decorating including DIY ideas) a few years ago. I never received a refund, by the way, but the calling all over the place to chase down $12 isn't my idea of fun.

Now Domino has folded. Domino was one of those magazines I would consistently pick up at the newsstand when traveling. I got a 50% off offer on magazine subscriptions through Amazon and decided to sign up for Domino. I found out today that it's folding. I'm convinced it's me.

Or it could just be this economy. Either way, it kind of sucks.

In other news, I'm going upstate this weekend to see my dad and stepmom, my stepmom who is laid up with a broken bone in her knee. I'm looking forward to going up and spending some time with them.

Posted by ShoZu

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Date:2009-01-20 15:08
Subject:I work with children. Seriously.

I have come to the conclusion that the aforementioned testy coworker who refuses to talk to me is a complete baby.

This is based on a conversation I had with a friend from work over the weekend; she has observed that he gets into a grumpy mood whenever someone pays me a compliment, or when something of mine makes it into the collection at the expense of something he designed.

I have decided to rise above it as best I can. I smile at him even if he glowers at me. I don't want to piss him off more but it seems the best thing I can do is try to be nice to him despite his childish jealousy. As they say, "Kill 'em with kindness".

Today he's in a totally foul mood. Must be someone's saying good things about me. :)

Posted by ShoZu

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Date:2009-01-11 10:12
Subject:Outsider Art
Mood: pleased

My brother is showing his paintings this weekend in a show here in NYC called the Outsider Art Expo, which celebrates artists outside the mainstream: self-taught, visionary, perhaps struggling with a disability or mental illness (schizo-affective and manic-depressive disorders, in my brother's case). He was accepted into the show via the Fountain Gallery here in NY, which works with artists who have mental illness, and in addition to the two paintings shown at the Expo, he has four more being shown at the Fountain Gallery starting this weekend.

This is a big coup for him and an avenue into the New York art world, but he's wrought with anxiety over it because of the pressure my mom is putting on him about it. She sent an email out to about 75 people telling them to show up at the Fountain Gallery today during the open house, and now he's afraid he's going to have to "make a good impression" on my mom's so-called important friends. It's bullshit. She's being ridiculous and we convinced him as much last night, we hope.

Anyway, we all went to see the Outsider show yesterday: my dad came down from upstate (sadly without Marsha as she fell down the stairs last weekend and fractured a bone in her knee), my mom and Jim from Nantucket (thankfully not staying with us), and Darren's parents came out from New Jersey. The show was amazing and really inspiring; the work felt honest and from the heart, unlike most of the contemporary BS I see out there that's cynical, commercial, and frankly, contrived. Seth's work was by far the best in the Fountain Gallery booth; the gallery owner told us he had hung Seth's painting first as the centerpiece of the collection. That made me really proud. Seth said he was amazed and inspired by the rest of the work at the show, and he felt his work didn't even start to hold up against most of it.

The really exciting thing about the show (besides my brother being in it!) is that I bought my first piece of art by a non-family member. There was a booth there from an arts center called Creative Growth in Oakland, CA. It's a day program where disabled and mentally ill people go to make art, and the work was truly amazing. The piece I bought is a drawing by an autistic man named Dan Miller, and it's a jumbled collection of words and writing that reflects his state of mind; he repeats colors, foods, and drinks in his work. I was immediately drawn to this piece (not shown on the page I linked to) and I'm very excited to own it and hang it. Not to mention that it's a great investment because his work will only go up in value; he was featured in a drawing show at MoMA here in NY last year.

So today we go up to the gallery for the open house and hopefully it won't live up to my brother's anxieties and fears. He's dealing surprisingly well with all of this and I'm really proud of him.

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Date:2008-12-28 19:45
Subject:Ah, there's nothing like Christmas with the fam.
Mood: aggravated

Darren and I flew out to Nantucket on Tuesday morning (a fortuitous flight schedule since NOTHING had gone between the mainland and the island for four days before that) for Christmas with my mom, her husband Jim, and my brother Seth. These visits always have their issues and each causes a bit of angst for me, but this one was particularly fraught with problems and I couldn't wait to get home.

Our 7AM flight on Tuesday morning meant that we had to get up at 4AM to get to the airport. No small feat considering we were up packing and organizing until midnight the night before. Starting out on the trip, I was overtired, which may or may not have been what caused me to catch a terrible cold my first day there (I could have also caught it from Darren, who had it the week before). Therefore, I spent the next three days trapped in the house with my husband, my brother, my passive-aggressive mom and her nearly constantly grumpy husband. The bickering was UNBEARABLE and ridiculous.

I have to realize that my mom has reached a point where she's supposedly happy with her life, and apparently this is the guy who's going to be her companion for the rest of her life. I don't dislike him; he has many, many amazing qualities. He really supports my mom in everything she does and he's always pitching in a helping hand for anyone who needs it. In that way he's really generous and kind. But he's also a recovering alcoholic who doesn't go to AA, and a control freak who constantly picks on my mom, gets annoyed with nearly everything and everyone, and hardly wants to participate in anything. The fact that this is his FOURTH marriage might be a clue to how good he is at relationships.

I think he may have been missing his own kids this time around at Christmas, and was annoyed at having us there. I understand missing your own family, but that's no reason to take it out on us, or my mom. At one point my mom lit an oil lamp that was on a table in the dining room and she accidentally dropped the glass hurricane shade and it chipped. The way he pitched a fit about it and yelled at her, I thought it was a valuable family heirloom until she yelled back at him that they bought it for $2 at a yard sale. I mean, Jesus H.

I don't release my mom from complete fault in their dysfunctional relationship since I think she eggs him on, but he really needs to chill the f out. Overall, we had a good time there and had fun exchanging gifts and ate some great meals, but I've had quite enough of the two of them together for some time. She's coming to NYC in two weeks for Seth's showing at the Outsider Art Fair and I'm hoping he decides to stay home.

We arrived back at JFK last night. Darren unpacked and repacked his suitcase, slept for six hours, and left for JFK again this morning to head out to LA for a visit with his brother. I'm "working" for two days and joining him there on Wednesday and we come back to NYC in 2009, on Sunday the 4th.

Here's hoping 2009 holds better things than 2008 did, because it was a suuuuucky year.

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Date:2008-12-21 15:00
Subject:Sadly, this is hilarious.

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

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Date:2008-11-19 22:57
Subject:Mary in her new sweater!

This is Mary, the Maltese we are fostering, in the sweater I just finished making her.

Posted by ShoZu

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Date:2008-11-03 22:48
Subject:Wow, November already...
Mood: anxious

It's been a busy few weeks. Work has been frustrating and totally crazy at times, but at least creatively fulfilling in some form or another. The Fall collection has been well received and I have a few shoes that are being shown to editors for possible magazine placement, which is exciting.

I haven't been able to get to yoga as often as I'd like, but when I do go, it's SO fulfilling. I guess in place of that I've had a bit of a busy social calendar. Went to Galapagos performance space (now right around the corner from my place, how could I NOT go?) last Thursday for a Salon event which was a lot of fun, but of course it was a Thursday night so I took it easy with the drinks and still felt it the next morning... I'm getting older all the time. My dad and stepmom stopped by and stayed overnight on Friday on their way down to Florida, and made us dinner which was a welcome gesture after a nutty day at work.

Then Saturday I spent all day cooking for the dinner party I threw for Darren's birthday. I never expected us to get the amazing response we did, so we ended up with 9 guests (11 including us) which meant I had to run to Crate & Barrel on the way home from work one day to get another place setting as we only had 10 of everything. WIth six seated at the table, three at the kitchen counter and two in the living room, it was a bit crowded, but it worked out as there were a couple of infants in attendance in addition to all of the lovely and amazing friends who showed up. It was really nice to see everyone and I have to say the dinner was delicious. Sunday I chilled out and went to yoga in the afternoon before meeting up with Darren to see "W." (for which there are no words).

Tomorrow is the election of the century, which is alternately exciting and terrifying. I have no idea how long the lines will be; if they're 5 hours long for early voting in the middle of the country, who knows what time I'll actually get to work tomorrow. No matter; shoes can wait. Obama needs my time tomorrow and that's all that matters.

(In case you didn't know, I'm voting Obama tomorrow. GoooooooooooBAMA!!!)

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Date:2008-09-26 18:50
Subject:Things are looking up.
Mood: accomplished

Darren accepted an offer from Barclays and it looks like the deal is pretty permanent. Apparently both Barclays and Lehman are leanly-staffed enough in the legal departments that they think they can keep everyone on. So that's a relief.

Work has been incredibly slow this week as I was supposed to be traveling right now. I went to yoga on Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at Laughing Lotus under the pretense of trying out all the teachers, but I was really just totally addicted to the way I feel afterwards. It's amazing.

And to anyone who thinks yoga isn't athletic, I'd really like to see them try to keep up in one of these Lotus Flow 2/3 classes. I had a girl next to me one day who could literally lift up from downward dog into handstand without even hopping, and then place her feet down gently between her hands for forward bend. Insanity. I'm still trying to find the courage to go up into headstand in the middle of the room, but it's not there yet. Maybe a few more weeks of this will get me there. I'm really enjoying the chanting at the beginning of each class, the teachings, the philosophy which makes a hell of a lot more sense to me than any judeo-christian religion ever did. I'm finding myself calmer and more centered in everything I do.

And a side benefit: I've lost two pounds this week and I'm already finding that my clothes fit better. I have a t-shirt that I bought a year ago and left in my drawer because I was self-conscious about my little paunch showing, and today I wore it with pride as nothing showed! People have commented that my skin looks lovely (probably because of better circulation) and I noticed I've been sleeping a lot more soundly. This yoga stuff really works, and I'm proof!

It's rainy tonight so I'm inside with my knitting. Going to a housewarming party tomorrow afternoon and contemplating making Peanut Butter Popcorn to bring. We're going to see "Ghost Town" with Ricky Gervais tomorrow night, and Sunday is yoga in the early afternoon followed by crafternoon with some girlfriends. Woohoo weekend!

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Date:2008-09-10 22:12
Subject:Taking the plunge
Mood: rejuvenated

So I've decided that I will most likely be quitting my gym and joining a yoga studio. Namely, Laughing Lotus which is literally one block from my office and therefore also conveniently located near the train. I used to take classes there now and then when my friend Mario was doing his teacher training there, and I loved it. I'm just feeling like I need to add the spiritual part of the practice back into my life. I've also felt lately that though I love the teacher I take from at NYHRC, her classes are feeling a bit redundant and I need a new challenge.

I went to Laughing Lotus tonight for a class that left me feeling totally centered and at ease. I felt like I got a complete practice from standing poses to seated poses to inversions, and it was HARD. I'm going to be sore tomorrow for sure, but it's such a great soreness.

Plus, they have this amazing tea in the studio for after your class.. it's warming and cinnamony and lovely. And they also have Newman's Own ginger cookies, which I totally needed tonight because I was starving after class.

I think this is a really good decision for me that I've wanted to make for a long time. I just had to take the plunge and do it.

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Date:2008-09-07 09:55
Subject:I can feel it, fall is coming on...
Mood: aggravated

I've been lazy about updating, or maybe just not around enough. So, in the interest of time, since I last updated, here is What Sucked, and What Didn't Suck. I'll start with the good...

What Didn't Suck:

We went to the Jersey Shore for Labor Day weekend and had a fabulous time with our friends Ben and Liz, and Jason and Lisa, and their two little ones (two years old and a week apart). I learned quite a bit about dealing with toddlers, namely that if they want to run around and get all their energy out you should by all means let them do that, otherwise they will become McCrankypants which is absolutely no fun. We got a last few days on the beach in the waning of summer, had a bbq at Ben's dad's place with all of the cousins (10 of them, all under the age of nine) and one day took Ben's dad's sailboat out on the bay to sail to the Dutchman for beers after which I can accurately call myself a drunken sailor. Awesome

Work continues to be alternately great and frustrating (more on that later). One of the concepts I designed for fall includes six shoes that came out really beautiful and I have been informed that it will now be one of the "big stories" for fall. Which means window displays, ad campaigns, etc. Pretty exciting. People continue to be blown away by my shoes which continues to shock the hell out of me.

I went to a fabulous yoga class yesterday at Yoga People's new location on Montague St. in Bklyn Heights. It's been a long time since I took a non-gym yoga class and I really would like to explore transitioning away from the gym and into a yoga studio. Laughing Lotus is one block from my office and I love the classes I've taken there, but unless I can change my work schedule to get in earlier and out earlier, that may not be a possibility. We'll see.

What Sucked

I spent most of my day yesterday with the in-laws which I think is explanation enough.

And our travel budget at work has been cut dramatically for the second quarter, and I was informed on Friday that my three-week Paris-Brussels-London-Hong Kong-China trip from late Sept through mid Oct has been cut. Or at least, I've been cut from it and been asked to go to LA for inspiration shopping instead. This would totally NOT suck if I hadn't tied our Hawaii vacation to it, stopping in Kauai and Maui on the way back from China, with Darren meeting me there so we can spend a week celebrating our first wedding anniversary. I am waiting to find out on Monday if there's a possibility I might still be able to go (the airfare is just a little over what it needs to be to sneak in under the radar), so I have my fingers crossed. What REALLY sucks about this is that Darren and I spent several hours on the phone with Delta on Wednesday and Thursday trying to get him a ticket using our combined miles, and getting him in business class on the same flight as me on the way back. Now it's going to cost us $100 to change anything, and I'm going to have to pay for my whole ticket whereas I was only paying the difference before. Oy.

All in all, though, I'd say the second half of 2008 isn't too bad so far. Yesterday walking back from yoga in the rain I saw the first orange leaves falling from the sycamores in Cadman Plaza Park, and I love autumn. Before we know it, it will be 2009.

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Date:2008-08-24 23:07
Subject:I need a vacation after my vacation!
Mood: excited

So, we're back in New York as of last Tuesday. We had a lovely week on the beach in North Carolina, with lots of laughs and lots of crying (there was a 2 month old baby there, after all). I got a lovely tan even with SPF 30+ laboriously slathered on daily. And of course it's always nice to spend time with family (even with the trying-too-hard-to-fit-in new girlfriend of one of my stepbrothers).

We left NC on Friday the 15th with a ridiculous travel itinerary: early afternoon direct flight from North Carolina to LaGuardia, take a taxi to JFK, fly from JFK to Boston, take a Cessna from Boston to Nantucket. But that's not what actually happened.Collapse )

And what did we do on Nantucket? Oh, watched a demolition derby. Yes. On the hoity-toity, super rich island of Nantucket. I've never been to a demolition derby and I certainly didn't think I'd go to one on the island. But it was hilarious and so much fun and Darren even got a trucker hat from it all. Awesome.

We also contemplated going in on a little place with my mom and Jim, but are thinking better of it now that Darren's company is pretty much tanking. Still, prices are on their way down there and foreclosures have gone up more than 400% in the last year. Once winter comes, we may take another look at things and if there's something affordable may take a stab at it. It's so peaceful out there, and we could rent out our apartment here in DUMBO for at least what we pay in mortgage and maintenance. It would be a nice option to just go and live somewhere else for a few months each year if our careers were both flexible enough. We're getting there....

And speaking of career flexibility, Darren is getting closer and closer to selling his first script. Or at least getting in contact with people who might be interested in buying it. He now has about five or six different leads out there and all of them are promising. I'm proud of him and really excited that he may be able to make this into a full time career. Of course, that means that I'll have to become his full time editor (as that's essentially what I'm doing now), but maybe that would give me more time to pursue some artistic endeavors. Who knows what will happen...

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Date:2008-08-06 22:28
Subject:Vacation, now in stereo!
Mood: excited

We have been suffering for far too long with a subpar stereo system. For example... the volume rocker button on the receiver is broken, so you have to use the remote to adjust the volume but the battery cover is missing, so you have to kind of hold the batteries into the remote with one hand and pray that the receiver actually gets a signal from the remote. And then there was the birthday party that was supposed to be a dance party and we couldn't get the system loud enough to even be heard above the din of 30 people talking. It's clearly time for a new system.

So we went shopping last night and bought new speakers from Vienna Acoustics with absolutely BEAUTIFUL sound. We also ordered an Onkyo A/V digital receiver with the capability for 7.1 surround (we're sticking with the two tower speakers in the front for now, as they really fill up the room on their own), and an iPod dock that has an onscreen menu navigation (through the TV), as well as the Logitech Harmony One remote which will replace all of our individual remotes and has touchscreen navigation. I am PSYCHED. Instead of turning on the TV at night just for noise and not even watching it, we can now actually listen to music! Woohoo!

We leave for North Carolina Friday morning and are there for a week with the fam. Should be fun and relaxing as these vacations always are. From there next Friday we go straight to Nantucket for my mom's gallery opening and stay till the following Tuesday. That's always a little less relaxing, but still a vacation.

I've been on a search for jewelry lately and was prepared to spend for a few beautiful necklaces from Alexis Bittar or Ten Thousand Things or one of those, but I took a look on Etsy today and found some beautiful pieces. So I bought three necklaces from small independent designers and found it a really great experience. Etsy is a brilliant website, seriously.

I'll be on the beach in NC in less than two days! Awesome.

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Date:2008-07-27 23:01
Subject:The Stomach Flu DIet
Mood: rejuvenated

So, I got a little virus or something on Wednesday that had me up all night puking my guts out until I was completely devoid of the presence of any food or liquid. So that was fun. I stayed home from work Thursday and was still unable to keep anything down (including liquid) until that afternoon. As a result was hardly able to get up from the couch and spent most of my day in and out of a delirious sleep. Even typing on my Blackberry was a feat fit for the gods. Friday was more of the same. I didn't start to truly feel better until sometime Saturday afternoon and only today did I start to eat normal food.

In the category of Unexpectedly Positive Outcomes of said illness, however, I did in fact lose 5 lbs, and have kept it off ever since! Amazing!

So basically, nothing new to report here except that I didn't leave my house for two days, missed a planned Friday night dinner with friends and watched more television than any human should watch over the course of 48 hours. At least I rearranged my closet and dresser this afternoon and put aside four huge bags of clothes for donation. To make room, I suppose, for new fall clothes! Yay!

And speaking of Fall, I got my work travel schedule at least partially firmed up. I'll be going to Paris for Premiere Vision (a fabric show) at the end of September, staying through the weekend to shop, and I get a week in between Paris and China to go wherever I want in Europe to shop for inspiration. Not fucking bad. I think I'm going to go to London and perhaps Copenhagen. Then off to China for almost a week for Fall corrections, and back to the States for a few days before a yet-to-be-planned scuba trip and vacation to Hawaii with Darren for our anniversary.

I'm looking forward to our upcoming trip to North Carolina and Nantucket in a few weeks. We decided to string them together because it was just too hard to find the time to get away otherwise.

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Date:2008-07-20 22:48
Subject:The 95-Degree Baby Shower
Mood: hot

I realize that for many years, humankind lived without air conditioning. Hell, even I lived without air conditioning for my first few years out of college. My first few hot, sticky, unbearable summers baking in a tiny apartment in Windsor Terrace. Now that I have A/C, I may never be able to live without it, at least in the humid summers of the Northeast.

So yes, I realize that some choose to live without air conditioning, and that's totally fine. But for the love of god, if you're going to host a baby shower on a Sunday afternoon in July, and invite 20-some-odd people, don't you think you should give a passing thought to the fact that they might be MISERABLE sitting in your cramped apartment for two to three hours if all you have is a few window fans?

That's how I spent my afternoon. I mean, it was lovely to see the expectant parents and some others of our friends, but all in all it was pretty miserable, especially considering that there were several pregnant women present as well as a child or two.

Still, we got home at a reasonable hour and cooled off. And the rest of the weekend was nice: Friday night, just a quiet one at home after I stumbled home from a work happy hour around 8PM (it started at 4...). Saturday: breakfast, then yoga, then a haircut, then met Darren to see The Dark Knight, then dinner, then a nice stroll downtown from Union Sq to catch the train at W4th St. This morning I baked the pie for the baby shower (fresh blueberry, raspberry and blackberry... yum!) and we ran out to brunch across the street before heading over to the sweatbox for the shower (really, the name of this event was fitting this time: we were all showered in sweat).

Last week at work was nuts, but I got all of my China projects passed off to my product developer on Friday. This week I meet with the technician who's here from Brazil to pass off my projects to him. Vacation to North Carolina in a few weeks.. yay!

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Date:2008-07-15 23:45
Mood: amused

Yankee fans must be trained to hate the Red Sox on sight. I just looked up at the All Star game on my tv and momentarily forgot that it was the All Star game and that I'm rooting for the AL. I saw a Red Sox player up at bat and thought "Strike him out... strike him out!!"

Then I realized that if he strikes out we're going into inning #10. Oh, we just did. NL is up at bat. Strike him out... strike him out!!!!

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Date:2008-07-14 00:31
Subject:Meditations on the weekend
Mood: sleepy

Darren is out in LA staying with his brother in the hospital while he recovers from his stomach surgery. We found out on Friday night that the tumor is benign (phew!), but Scott is having some complications from the surgery and will have to stay in the hospital until probably Tuesday. It's really great that Darren is out there and can be there for him, especially since their other brother David hasn't even called to see how Scott is doing. Fantastic. His family never ceases to amaze me.

I made the most of having some time to myself this weekend and actually created a nice balance of social time and alone time. It was the perfect NYC summer weekend, actually. Friday I took a much-needed day off and headed to Rockaway Beach with my friend Rachel from high school, who lives right here in the city and who I never take the time to see. We were both thankful to have some time together to catch up and she is someone who I would love to embrace into my circle even more as we share a love of yoga. She's working on getting her 200-hour yoga teacher certification and had some great suggestions on studios to check out if I want to get deeper into practicing (and I do, once the knee heals fully). It was a lovely day and I spent Friday evening resting and relaxing after being out in the sun all day.

Saturday I woke up late and grabbed my bagel-and-egg sandwich to go sit in the park. I went to yoga in the afternoon and stopped by the Union Sq farmer's market on my way home to grab some fresh ingredients for dinner. I got some amazing sweet corn, scallions, fresh onions (with the greens still attached), lettuce, and some bread from my favorite bakery (which is actually from my hometown). With it I made sweet corn soup with a garnish of sour cream and chipotle chilis, and bell peppers stuffed with corn, tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese. It was all delicious and I had some friends over to share it with me. We ended up drinking wine (and spilling some) and playing Wii till the.. well, wii hours of the morning. Fun.

Today I self-indulged and spent the day on a blanket in the park with the Saturday and Sunday papers. Heaven. I took a little walk afterwards down to the temporary Brooklyn Bridge Park (a sampling of what's to come once it actually gets built) and saw the big waterfalls up close for the first time. Tonight I made some dinner and finished up a knitting project before folding all the laundry and plunking down here in bed.

And I should really sign off and go to sleep, as we have sales meetings at work this week.... which means nonstop crazy made slightly better by free catered meals all week and an open-bar office cocktail party Monday night. This job really isn't so bad.

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Date:2008-07-07 22:23
Subject:It's been a while...
Mood: worried

Wow. It's been a while since I updated.

I got back from China on June 21st and was immediately thrown into crisis mode with my brother in the hospital. Not only that, but I had to design all of Fall 2009 in preparation for a meeting that took place today (and after which I can finally breathe...). So needless to say, I was a leeeettle busy. I didn't return emails or phone calls all that week and stayed late at work every night. I worked most of the weekend and got a lot done but still ended up having to stay late last week. Luckily my brother was released from the hospital a few days after he went in, with his medication adjusted and with him feeling much better.

And during all of this my brother in law Scott was also in the hospital, with a tumor the size of a lemon festering inside his stomach. He got it removed today, after much confusion between Darren and his parents over whether or not it's cancerous (thankfully, it's most likely benign but we'll find out more once the lab results come back). He's supposed to be released from the hospital later this week and Darren may go out to visit him this weekend. We're thinking positively as that's all you can do at this point.

Darren and I went upstate this weekend to see my brother and my dad and stepmom. We had a hometown 4th of July which included a centennial celebration in Crandall Park with a symphony concert and fireworks. It was small and quaint but very nice. Also in the plans were mini-golf at 18 Holes Around The World (each hole is a different country) and seeing Hancock at the drive-in movie theater (the movie was forgettable, but going to the drive-in was fun). For four whole days I didn't think about work and enjoyed the greenery and the clean air up there.

Back to reality as of yesterday afternoon, though we got back at a decent hour. Today's presentation went well, and I can finally breathe a bit. I actually left work before 6 today. It felt foreign.

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